About Us
We manage the entire life cycle of a contract

ABC Consulting makes it possible to prepare and manage your contracts in order to create standard templates, review and redline client agreements and organize contracts into easily accessible files while saving you costs and valuable time. ABC Consulting will draft legal documents as required or requested and review and redline contracts on an ongoing basis. We are also available to speak and negotiate with other companies, executives, vendors, attorneys, etc. and work with outside counsel.

What we are best at

Our Services

-Share Repurchase Agreements
-Stock Unit Award Agreements
-License Agreements
-Confidentiality Agreements
-Non-Disclosure Agreements
-Advisor Agreements
-Registering LLC
-LLC Operating Agreements
-Term Sheets
-Filing Articles of Incorporation
-Articles of Amendment
-Board of Resolution
Labor and Services
-Offer letters
-Statement of Work
-Termination Letters
-Consulting Agreements
-Independent Contractor Agreements
-Service Agreements
Pharma Industry
-Confidentiality Agreements
-Research and Development Agreements
-Commercial Supply Agreements
-Lease Agreements
-Operating Agreements
-Reimbursable Grant Agreements
- Vendor Agreements
- Partnership Agreements
Human Resources
-Employee Handbook
-Independent Contractor Agreements
-Consulting Agreements
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